What if I told you that you’ve been washing your face the wrong way all your life? Before I lived in Korea, I barely washed my face, and even when I did I simply slapped a whole lot of foam on my face, made a bubble face, rinsed it and called it a day. But the Koreans taught me different. Don’t get me wrong, the right way to wash your face also involves soap and water; however, it is way more than just soap and water. Your skin texture is determined on how you treat it day and night, over the span of months and years. So, don’t expect to have the best-looking skin overnight.

     Cleansing is not only the most important step of your skin care routine, it’s the very foundation of a healthy routine. In fact, cleansing consistently can prevent most skin problems—like acne breakouts and blackheads—which are caused by congested pores.

      Now, let me blow your mind. Not properly cleansing your face doesn’t just cause pimples, it can accelerate aging! The grime that collects on the skin throughout the day contains free radicals. These radicals disrupt and kill skin cells, which in turn cause the breakdown of natural elastin and collagen (the components of your skin that keep it firm and plump). So let me introduce you to the proper way of cleaning your face.


Cleanse twice

     As I mentioned earlier, a water based cleanse (soap and water) is a healthy step in thoroughly cleaning the skin; however, an oil based cleanse is the first step before water. The technology behind an oil based cleanser is that oils like oil. Basic science rules apply here: oil sits on top of water and it doesn’t dissolve. So, cleaning your face with water doesn’t do anything. However, oils can help breakdown and remove excess sebum (an oily, waxy substance that is created by your sebaceous glands to protect the skin) and oil based impurities. After a proper oil cleanse, then a water based cleanse can be applied to complete the process.


Oil-based Cleanser:

Perfect Oil Cleanser by Ogboloju Men’s Skin Care

Apply the oil to your fingers and massage your face. You want to work with the direction of the muscles, not against it. Start underneath your cheekbones, use the knuckles of your first two fingers and work out from there. Press as firmly as what feels good to you since the oil will keep the pressure from pulling your skin. Trace them up the sides of your nose to the top of your forehead, and then down along the perimeter of your face. Finally, get under the eyes to prevent puffiness. Use a wet warm cloth or pad to clean off your face.


Water-Based Cleaner:

     This step is more common and doesn’t require too much technique. After you’ve washed your face with the oil cleanser, use a gel or foam cleanser—whichever you prefer and feels best to your skin. The water temperature doesn’t matter, but here’s a secret: a cleanser that foams isn’t necessarily any better than one that doesn’t. Foam doesn’t increase a cleanser’s effectiveness. It just makes bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles.



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